9 hilarious pics of men mimicking women’s instagram’s photos

The Girly Group Squat Shot

The Photoshopped Gym Selfie Shot

People Think Mondays Are Hard…but Not When You Look Like This. #iwokeuplikethis #cappucinomg

If You’re Having A Tough #monday, Just Pretend You’re A Mermaid. #arielforlife

Treat Yo Feet Today After A Long Day Of Shopping! #fallcolors

I Sooooo Needed This Today. A Warm Bath Doesn’t Just Warm The Body; It Warms The Soul. #stressfree

Nothing Like A Sweet Treat To Keep Me Happy This Afternoon! #happyboy #seductive

True Friends Are Like Footprints In The Sand; You Can’t Always See Them, But You Know They’re There And That’s When They Carry You. #holdmyheart

#tbt When I Was A Mermaid. I Miss Those Days But Sometimes You Just Have To Sell Your Soul To Be Where The People Are. #lifeadvice #lovemynewlegs